Monday Morning Coffee Cup Critic; Boise State Over Utah State

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The ole Monday morning coffee cup coach is feeling pretty good this morning. In what many thought would be a cage fight (me included), it turned out to be a workout on the punching bag. Not trying to demean the boys from Logan, just a fact.

A big-time win for the Broncos over Utah State, 56 to 21.

Great Ground Game

As far as the criticism of the Bronco’s o-line is concerned; it seemed not to be a concern. When the team averages 6.5 yards an attempt they have to be doing a pretty good job.

George Holani had 178 yards in 16 attempts; 115 in the first quarter. If used as often as previous running backs he may have gotten 300 plus.

Notice George “Holy” Holani carries the ball high and tight. He holds it like a tent revival preacher holds his Bible during an Oklahoma wind storm. “Not from my cold dead hands.” 

Andrew Van Buren carried the water in the second half. He had 48 yards in 14 attempts. They were runs right into the teeth of the defense and they knew he was coming.

AVB has a good talent of running until he finds a lane. Although that did get him in trouble one time throwing him for a huge 14-yard loss.

Running back Robert Mahone came in for a few runs, one of them a TD. Mahone’s value was seen on a pass play when he blocked a defensive lineman and sent him to the sidelines with an injury.

Receivers John Hightower, C T Thomas, Akilian Butler, and Khalil Shakir kept the Aggie defense spread out with numerous sweeps.

Hightower scored on a 30-yard shuttle pass sweeping wide around the Utah defense.

Another Good Night For Henderson

Jaylon Henderson turned in another stellar performance. Not what would be called outstanding but just running the offense and connecting on some nice third-down completions.

It seemed as if the timing was just a little off on the long passes and the medium to long. Henderson can drop the ball in the bucket at 40 yards but sometimes it seems as if the bucket ain’t there.

Great D

Jalen Walker’s first-quarter pick-six has been a long time coming. Also, Evan Tyler’s fourth-quarter interception stamped out a scoring drive.

The defense just can’t stop drives, they need to create turnovers. It would be nice to see some bone-jarring tackles yield some fumbles.

Whether Jordan Love or Henry Columbi, the Utah State quarterbacks had little time to set up and survey the field. The Broncos recorded four sacks and numerous quarterback hurries.

Don’t look now but freshman linebacker Demetri Washington is slowly working his way from really good up to being a really bad… He wears the number 38. Remind anyone of anyone? 

Ezra Rumbles

Well, everything has been mentioned. However, it would be remiss not to mention Ezra Cleveland’s three-yard run from the four-yard line. It was a thing of beauty. It looked like an Abrams M1 tank taking a corner.

The only thing missing on that play was Ezra leading the blocking.

I imagine when returning to the huddle he screamed at the offensive line for not blocking.

Great game, next, Colorado State.


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