Monday Morning Coffee Cup Quarterback; New Mexico Edition

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The Boise State Broncos stampeded to a 42 – 9 win over New Mexico Saturday night. The Broncos did all their scoring in two quarters; 28 in the first and 14 in the third. The Broncos thus improved to 9 – 1 on the season.

Lui Lui Oh, Baby, You So Slow

Sonatane Lui’s first-quarter rumbling TD on the first play from scrimmage was reminiscent of Michael Atkinson’s (aka Canadian Bacon) ground-pounding TD back in 2012 against BYU. The hefty D-lineman scooped a fumble and scored.

To paraphrase Hemingway’s For Whom The Bell Tolls, “the earth moved.”

Later, Lui said that he told the running back who almost caught him, “I must be slow, I had a twenty-yard head start on you.”

Henderson At Quarterback

Jaylon Henderson started at quarterback and looked very good. He was 15 for 28, 3 TD passes, and 292 yards. Dang! There were a couple of drops too.

Henderson’s passes looked like flaming arrows when arrows were needed and tossing bean bags in a game of corn hole as the occasion arose.

His performance likely solidifies in head coach Bryan Harsin’s mind that he has three quarterbacks who can compete.

After the game, Harsin had nothing but praise for the senior quarterback.

One might wonder with the game out of reach for the Lobos why not go further in the depth chart? Likely, Harsin wants Henderson to have as many snaps as possible.

Everybody around the quarterback was guys who needed reps also. Thus, it makes sense allowing them to play with someone who is prepared to play rather than someone who will play shaky. If Harsin trots out a quarterback who is not prepared—nobody looks good.

Four Horsemen Running Backs

Outlined against the cold dark November sky the four horsemen rode again… I’m channeling Grantland Rice.

George Holani again pounded out some good yardage, 73 yards in 7 carries. One of his runs went for 50 yards.

Andrew Van Buren ran for 33 yards in 10 attempts. However, he had a 61 yard TD called back. That would have put him near 100.

Robert Mahone ran the ball 3 times for 22 yards. Interestingly on one run, he left the game with what appeared to be a knee problem.

Freshman Danny Smith had 5 tries for 24 yards and looked like he could handle more.

Good D

The defense kept the Lobos in check. They were able to do so toward the end of the game with players deep on the depth chart.

New Mexico found it difficult to sustain any real ground game. They produced only117 rushing yards.

Boise State’s corners play like their hair is on fire. They consistently close in on quick sideline passes before the blocks are set and the receivers are able to take a step downfield.

What Happened To My Prediction?

I predicted a 48 – 10 Boise State win. However, revealed to me on good authority the Lobos kicker intentionally missed the extra-point attempt. In addition, they called holding on Van Buren’s TD run. Thus preventing the Broncos from scoring 48 and moi from successfully nailing the exact score.


People who watch the game from the stands or recliner should not level serious criticism at a win. Their only criticism should be, why metal seats and who forgot the buy the nacho dip—again?

Harsin, his coaching staff, and players critique and analyze the game video much better.

So I’ll complain about what I can control.

I really like Dr. Pepper. It has been my favorite drink since the days they advertised to drink it 10, 2, and 4 each day.

However, those Fanville Dr. Pepper commercials are starting to wear thin on me. They’re trying to sell their product, say something, and be funny all at the same time. It’s not working–at least for me, it isn’t. 

In the second half, something was done not done in a long time. I turned off the sound on the TV and just watched it.

Near the end of the third quarter, my neighbor’s dog started on a barking tirade. I thought somebody turned the sound back on.

I’m not saying the announcers sound like barking dogs. Rather, barking dogs make as much sense announcers.

Arf arf arf arf arf. Arf arf. ARF! ARF! ARF!!! Howl!!! arf arf arf.” That’s my neighbor’s dog calling back Van Buren’s 61-yard run.


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