Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy talks Boise State

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy had a press conference Monday to discuss their upcoming game against No. 17 Boise State.

Currently, the Cowboys from the Big 12 are 2-0 and have defeated Missouri State (58-17) and South Alabama (55-13).

In the AP Top 25 the Cowboys are ranked 24th while in the Coaches Poll they come in at No. 19.

Video via The Oklahoman

Coach Gundy on Boise State

“We play a good team this week, I don’t think I need to say a lot about Boise. They’re very well coached. Play very sound football. Very good players. Traditionally a Top 20 team. This is, in my opinion, a really good year for them. They got a lot of players back, quarterbacks very experienced mature. Top ten or so offensively, probably top ten or so defensively are really high. So hopefully we can play the very best that we can. We’re going to need to play at a high level in order for us to give ourselves a chance to win.

“When you see the big picture this could be the as good as any team we play when you talk about experienced mature quarterback. Like all the things that everybody in here knows are important to the team having success,” said Gundy.

” When you have a mature quarterback you got returning starters a lot of experience, guys been successful, good return us on special teams, coaching staffs been in place forever. All those different things, that’s kind of the ingredients for a successful organization. So you may play a team if you’re playing, I don’t know Alabama, well you may play a team that on the NFL breakdowns they may be more talented but when you take everything together this team may be a sound as anybody we play this year.”

On Boise State’s Secondary

“They play well together they’re all experienced, there’s no substitute for experience… They got everybody back essentially on both sides of the ball. Their veteran guys and they’ve been savvy and they’ve been successful. It’s gonna be a real challenge now, I’m just telling you…

Gundy on Fans Showing Up

This place should be full. I can’t imagine you have a 2:30 kick here and you’re playing a team (Boise State) has been as successful and is ranked as high as them and we got it at home and you get a chance to stripe the stadium.., said Gundy.”


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