One Step Closer to Leading the Pack by Overpowering the Wolf

For some fans, playing the likes of the Nevada Wolf Pack brings back one memory: 2010.

In a game that left many Bronco fans heart broken, that season for the Broncos was still pretty good. They were number 4 in the nation, ended up 12-1 on the season, and the loss was to a 19th-ranked Nevada team.

That being said, there have been some very entertaining games between these two schools.

Besides the 2010 game, there have recently been some exciting games such as the 4OT game in 2007, the 2008 game that came down to the final play, and the most recent; an eventual knee that saw the Broncos win 51-46 in 2014.

Coming into the 2017 season, it will be the first meeting between the two schools since 2014.

If the Broncos complete this checklist of items, they could very well win the game:

Creating Consistent Pockets for Rypien

For a good portion of this season, while the passing game has been statistically strong, it’s been difficult for Brett Rypien to make the ideal pass.

While the Broncos do have a dual quarterback system, the Rypien half of the equation is best when he has time to throw.

Even though there were times where Rypien was sacked, there were still times where he could throw.

Rypien threw for 260 yards (2nd most all season). He threw for 285 yards against Virginia, but the passing game made up 92% of that game’s offensive efficiency. The Utah State game was far more balanced.

When Rypein does get a decent pocket to throw from, he can do things like this:

Win the Battle of “Trench Warfare”

The term “Trench Warefare” was a common war tactic used in WWI. The idea was to physically dig these trenches in hopes of not letting the enemy advance.

Likewise, the football trenches, or the battle between the offensive and defensive lines, act as a way to not let the enemy advance on your side.

From an offensive standpoint, it’s about making holes and room for your skill positions. The running back needs to find the right hole to run through, the quarterback needs time to throw, or they need to kick out on a screen play.

From the defensive perspective, it’s about enforcing the idea that the oppositions skill position(s) will not advance past your line.

The Broncos, if they enforce their presence on each end of the trenches, will open up both the playbook and scoring gap.

Skip to second 46: “Chapman sacked 5 times” 

Utilize and Enjoy the Dual Quarterback System

One of the most helpful and surprising elements of the Boise State offense this season has been the dual quarterback system.

Montell Cozart and Brett Rypien have different skill sets. However, the way they perform in games and use those skills have given life to the Bronco offense.

Their skill sets complement each other.

The Bronco offense flourished in this system, specifically in both the Wyoming and Utah State games, producing over 500 yards passing combined in the two games.

Sticking to this system, and giving both quarterbacks time and plays to perform their craft, might benefit them the rest of the season.

Looking at Nevada, this system needs to keep itself intact.

Even if Cozart is known for his wheels, he has shown his ability to throw the ball too! Here is is 35 yard touchdown pass to tight end Jake Roh:

Don’t Overlook the Record- Consider It a Rivalry Game?

The Nevada team coming into Albertsons stadium in 2017, is not the team of the past.

Their overall record this year is 1-7. However, looking past this game would be the worst thing to do. College football is where the unthinkable happens, where players rise to the occasion, and football means something extra.

If Nevada doesn’t want to win this game they would be crazy. It’s still a football game and the Broncos have business to take care of.

No matter who Nevada puts on the field, it’s still Nevada. It feels like a rivalry game, and the atmosphere may symbolize something like that from fans who believe so too.

When asked about his feelings towards not really having a concrete rival anymore, Harsin elaborated in his press conference on his thoughts towards Nevada and how they act as a potential rival for the Broncos. “In my mind, Boise State-Nevada, that’s a big game, that’s a rivalry game, that’s a game that everyone looks forward to.”

The Broncos must focus on winning “just that game.” Don’t look to the next game against Colorado State. Beat Nevada, and then shift your focus when appropriate.


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