Oregon Ducks face similar predicament as Boise State experienced

Who wants to sit behind a star quarterback for four years? Especially if you are a highly touted recruit?

The writing is on the wall kid, you’re not going to get your chance. You may have to look else where to find your dream of starting for a Division I school, because the challenge you face may be unachievable.

This was the situation for Boise State as they were recruiting players to play quarterback during the Kellen Moore era. Who wants to sit behind this guy for four years and not sniff any relevant playing time? No one.

Even one quarterback from the Bronco program, Nick Lomax, left the team during the Moore era because he preferred playing time over standing on the sidelines.

The Broncos may be in another similar predicament at the quarterback position with freshman quarterback Brett Rypien.

It’s difficult to sell that to talented high school quarterbacks across the country.

The same goes for Oregon and the Marcus Mariota era that ended last season in defeat to the Ohio State Buckeyes in the national championship.

Though the Broncos went 11-2 following the departure of Kellen Moore, the effects of the former Heisman candidate were felt. In 2013, the Broncos were unable to move the ball all season, posting an 8-5 season as well as losing their beloved coach to Washington.

There was no second-coming of Kellen Moore in the waiting. Boise State fans had to face a new reality, and to understand that the standard at the position was set to almost unreachable heights.

That’s where Oregon is this season. Spoiled by an almost unblemished career by Mariota, Oregon fans are now on the lookout for the next Mariota. He’s not coming. And that’s ok.

One season ago, the Ducks were in the national championship. They’re 3-3 this season, with losses to Michigan State, Utah and Washington State. The Ducks last loss to Utah was in 2003, and Washington State in 2006. Some may think it’s a turn of the tide in the Pac 12 conference. Just wait on it.

Duck fans can look at Boise State as a sense of a paradigm.

In 2014, Boise State had found their identity outside of the Kellen Moore era. That didn’t come with bumps along the way, losing to Ole Miss and Air Force. The Broncos still managed to get into the Group of 5 Bowl game discussion and ultimately defeated No. 10 Arizona in the Fiesta Bowl.

Boise State had to find a new identity, so will Oregon. That’s the difficulty in college football recruiting. It’s tough to sell a talented quarterback on coming to your program when they see the writing on the wall.

Though it may be transition for the Ducks, think of it as a minor setback that is simply setting the stage for a major comeback by the Ducks in the upcoming seasons.

Just as Boise State showed the country last season and what the are doing this year, both programs are here to stay.


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