Pickers and Grinners For The Bye Week

It’s time for me to shave and change my underwear; all my predictions were wrong last week. Of course, the most important of which was Boise State beating BYU—didn’t happen

Also, Washington fell short of beating the Ducks and Zona State couldn’t even manage a TD against Utah.

The Broncos are off this weekend and just a step outside the top twenty at 22. That means the field has widened for picking teams to lose who will help the Broncos recover some lost ground.

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Cougs To Upset Stangs

Southern Methodist University plays at Houston. It’s about time SMU realizes they are in a stratum beyond their grasp.

Methodist number one is John Wesley. I’m not so sure where his theology of predestination fits into the Mustangs’ season.

Hats off to them but ya gonna lose—it’s predestined.

Badgers At The Shoe

Wisconsin lost to the Illini last week; a total surprise. If they were playing at home I might be tempted to pick them over the Bucks.

However, the Badgers travel to the ‘Shoe’ in Columbus, Ohio. Buckeyes will win but I think it will be a scare. The Badgers will thus be a two-loss team and fall to near Boise State.

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Wildcats Host Hawkeyes

Every team has at least one upset in them—even if it’s Northwestern. Hey, Vanderbilt did it last week.

Iowa goes to Northwestern. The Wildcats come off a stompin’ by Ohio State and the Hawkeyes had a close win over Purdue.

The boys from just outside of Chicago will finish the season strong. It starts with a win over Iowa.

Tigers Vs. Tigers

How would you like to face 6 ranked teams in a season? That’s Auburn.

This week the 6 and 1 Tigers of Auburn travel to the 7 and 0 Tigers of LSU. Tigers win hands down. That is to say the Tigers from Baton Rouge.

LSU beats Au-burn, in addition, LSU burn-all. They will be in the National Championship.

Our Lady Of South Bend Visits Our Lady Of Trees

Notre Dame travels 130 miles by way of the crow northeast to Ann Arbor to play 19th Michigan.

The Wolverines are 5 and 2. Thus, a loss takes them out of the top 25.

This game has all the trappings of an upset but I don’t think so.

A Notre Dame victory over Michigan helps the Broncos.

How ‘Bout The PAC?

There are three PAC games finishing out the top 25; 24th Arizona State at UCLA, Cal at 12th Utah, and Washington State at 11th Oregon. There has to be an upset in one of those games.

Like They Say In Helsinki, “We Need A Strong Finish.”

The Boise loss to BYU was devastating in the polls. They dropped 8 to 22. That usually means the pollsters were not totally convinced they should have been ranked where they were to begin with.

However, time remains to convince them otherwise.

Here’s to a 12 and 1 regular season and good bowl opportunity.


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Kenton lives in Boise. He is the former publisher of the Boise State sports site, Smurf Turf; writing exclusively about Broncos football and basketball. He is also a novelist and short story writer.

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