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Pickers And Grinners For This Weekend

Last week I picked an Iowa upset over Penn State. Hawkeyes lost by five, 17 – 12. They needed another TD or keep the Nittany Lions from scoring the last quarter.

Also, I predicted a Boise 40 – 17 ½ win over Hawaii. That’s 22 ½ points, right? And they won 59 – 37, that’s 22 points, right? I’m a stable genius.

Okay, let’s get those synapses working on next week’s upsets. Whose wins can help the Broncos most, of course, with the proviso they take care of the Cougs in Provo.

Gamecocks Vs. Gators

South Carolina did a number on 3rd ranked Georgia last week. Is there enough gas left in the tank for another upset?

Not likely; no upset here, folks. Everybody keep moving and go on home.

Huskies And Ducks

Washington will host Oregon. The Huskies must get back on track and Oregon must get off the track.

I think good ole Coach Pete is going to open up a can of whop-butt on the Ducks. That will drop Oregon to 5 and 2 and behind the Broncos in the rankings.

Zona State Vs. Ewe Ewe

Arizona State at 17th visits 12th ranked Utah. Both are 5 and 1. There really isn’t an eyelash between the two. It depends on who wants it bad enough.

The reason why either is not ranked better is they have not played an impressive schedule and their loses have been to underlings.

I’m not feeling really strong about an outright upset. A Zona State win will drop the Utes behind the Broncs. And that’s good.

Maze and Blue At Happy Valley

Michigan ranked 16th and at 5 and 1 goes to Happy Valley to face white-out 7th ranked and 6 and 0 Penn State.

If Michigan pulls off an upset they may likely catapult around the Broncos. The pollsters are kind of partial to that strength of schedule thing—as they should be.

However, if the Broncos put a real good old fashioned beat down on the Cougs in Provo, they might think twice.

Notwithstanding, I think Penn State takes it to Michigan.

Pickers and Grinners

Here’s my for sure picks for upsets; Washington upsets Oregon and Arizona State to upset Utah (but give me some wiggle room on that one).

Here are my grinners. There is an outside chance of South Carolina pulling off another upset over Florida. Additionally Michigan may travel to Happy Valley with their big boy pants on. Those wins will be welcomed because it is foreseen they may have other loses coming their way.

A Visit To Provo-cation

The Broncos visit the unfriendly confines of LeVall Edwards Cage Fighting Arena.

The Broncos enter the contest 6 – 0 compared to BYU at 2 – 4.

A rivalry game for sure.

A Paper Chase?

On paper, it looks like all Broncos. That’s with Hank Bachmeier mostly at the helm most of the way. However, Chase Cord is not only chomping at the bits he may have bitten through them.

Cord is a starter at dozens of schools. He doesn’t have the game footage or paper trail of a starter. Just enough for the BYU defense lay awake Friday night.

Something tells me Bachmeier will start and we’ll see a lot of Cord. That drives the purest of the one quarterback system crazy.

Can The Broncos Hang A Goose Egg?

BYU QB Zach Wilson is out until November with a thumb injury. Enter freshman Jaren Hall. He’s an unknown commodity. The Boise defense will keep him unknown. I’m okay with him remaining a commodity.

Boise has handled running and passing teams quite well this season. The BYU passing offense is nowhere near that of Hawaii. Nor is its running game close to Air Force. The Broncos seem poised and capable of pitching a shut out.


It makes little difference how smart and knowledgeable one is about football, picking a score correctly is only slightly better than being struck by a meteor—okay, I exaggerate.

There are too many unknowable factors and variables. Perhaps as many as there are moves on a chessboard.

So what the heck—I’m going to give it a shot. Broncos 45 to 10.


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