Pickers and Grinners For Week 12

(FYI; Last week a reader noted I was not using the CFP rankings. I start writing the article before they come out and use the AP or Coaches’ polls as a reference. To avoid confusion, CFP polls will be used going forward. They will appear next to the team in parentheses.)

Here are last week’s upset picks; TCU, Texas, V-Tech, and Duke. Batting .500.

TCU took Baylor to triple-o. They almost did it. Texas beat back Kansas State and V-Tech beat Wake Forest.

The Penn State/Minnesota game was a complete surprise. The Minnesota win over Penn State catapulted the Golden Gofers past the Broncos; it is deserved.

The Wisconsin win over Iowa was expected. However, the Hawkeyes at 20th remains one slot ahead of the Broncos.

There is always one week above all others that has the potential for upsets. This week has the potential of being that week.

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Georgia (4)/Auburn (12)

I’ll be pulling for Georgia over Auburn. If Auburn slips to three losses they will be nearer the Broncos. Thus, after they lose to Alabama in the season finale, they will be behind BSU. That said, I think Auburn will actually upset Georgia.

My reason for saying that is a few years back a friend gave me some advice; Georgia always chokes and the reason why. He said he had a bulldog. It was a beautiful specimen. Every time he had friends over the show him off, it chocked on his food. He couldn’t take the pressure of being a show dog. That’s called hillbilly logic and it’s seldom disappointed me.

Wisconsin (14)/Nebraska

Wisconsin is hosted by Nebraska. This has real potential for an upset. It wouldn’t surprise me but I’m not that sure.

It seems to me it would be about time for Nebraska to take pride in their program and decide to be winners again. Bo Pelini’s 7 full seasons producing three 10 win seasons were not to their liking. The rest were 9 win seasons. His crusty and fiery manner of coaching was too much for new-age Corn Husker fans, so they sold out to mediocrity or less.

A Corn Husker win over the Badgers may move the Broncos around them

Michigan State/Michigan (15)

Michigan State visits Michigan. Sparty would like nothing better than to skin some Wolverine hides in front of their fans.

We are told Jim Harbaugh is a great coach. At Stanford, he was 29 and 21. At Michigan, his record so far is 45 and 16. Not bad but my mailman could coach at MU. My mailman looks a lot like Brady Hoke.

His record against interstate rival Michigan State is 2 – 2. That’s like Boise splitting with Idaho.

Harbaugh and the Wolverines have the home field advantage but that has never stopped them from losing in the past. Harbaugh losses to the Spartans and in couple weeks from now. He will be Florida State’s next head coach.

An MSU win over MU and the Wolverines sink below the Broncos.

Minnesota (8)/Iowa (20)

Minnesota goes to Iowa. Man, the Golden Golfers deserve more than what they are given.

A Gofer win will place the Hawkeyes out of the top 25. Thus, moving the Broncos higher.

Not an upset, but go Gofers.

Oklahoma (10)/Baylor (13)

Here’s one that takes some ‘splainin’. Oklahoma is favored by 10 over Baylor at Baylor. The Sooners are 8 – 1 and the Bears 9 – 0 Their common opponent was Kansas State. The Sooners’ only loss is to the Wildcats and the Bears beat them.

Logic suggests it’s not an upset, however, I’m going with Baylor. It’s that hillbilly logic again.

Whatever happens, it will not affect the Broncos.

Texas (19)/Iowa State

I went out on a limb with Texas last week upsetting Kansas State and it happened. This week I’m going against them.

The Cyclones are tough as grandpa’s toenails and gritty as Army issue toilet paper. They’ve beat some good teams and scared others into repentance.

An ISU win places Texas out of the top 25 and moves the Broncos up.

Cincinnati (17)/South Florida

I keep looking at that game and trying to figure out some sort of way So Flo could win. It’s just not happening.

Although if the Bulls were to upset the Bearcats the Broncos would move around Cin City.

Drum Roll, Please

After all that, here are my picks; Auburn in an upset (but I’m rooting for Georgia). Nebraska to upset Wisconsin. Michigan State to beat MU. Minnesota is not an upset but defiantly helps the Broncos. Baylor over OK. Iowa State to upset Texas. Finally, Cincinnati over South Florida as expected.


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