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Prediction; Boise State Vs. Air Force

Air Force and Sushi

Air Force is one of those teams that is more like an annoyance than a competitor. Don’t take that wrong. What is meant, they should be easily handled, yet offer a lot of resistance—and at times untimely and surprising defeats.

Indeed for a couple years, they stuck in the craw of Bryan Harsin like some bad sushi purchased at a gas station convenience store.

Triple Option Makes Ordinary Offenses Outstanding

The Falcons are 3-4 this year. Nobody has been able to really put them away. They are nearly in every game. Their shtick is run and control, employing the dreaded triple option. It is an offense that elevates a less than average group of players into an offensive juggernaut.

Defending the triple O comes down to one word, containment. The Broncos have a strong defensive squad. However, here is a concern; at times it seems as though they get caught being sucked in so to speak—that is to say, overanxious to get to the ball. The triple option thrives on that. The Broncos will have to contain and be disciplined. Do you want to know more about the triple option? Here’s as good of information as you will ever find; Triple O

Air Forced Throws

Air Force will likely try what has worked for other teams against Boise, pressure quarterback Brett Rypien. It will be disguised but the objective will be the same; have Rypien throw before he’s set. The cure is, as said in the past, quick slants or quick sweeps.

Historically, the Bryan Harsin version of the Broncos has not done well against the Falcons, beating the Broncos 3 of the last 4 seasons.
Last year was a fairly decisive win over Air Force (44-19). It was kind of a payback. Frankly, I don’t see that check being cashed yet, nor the total amount being written in full.

Air Raid The Air Force

Sometime and somewhere the running game has to boil or if nothing else, just gurgle a little. If that is not the case the Broncos might as well go full air raid. After all, the Broncos have one of the most accurate passers in the nation. They have a slew of receivers who not only catch the ball but make things happen beyond the catch.

Running back Alexander Mattison has demonstrated more than adequate ability to catch and run. Perhaps it is time to swing him out of the backfield a half dozen times a game.
Anyway, smarter guys than me are working on this. And I think they have a good game plan. If not, I’ll be ready for an interview next Monday morning.

That ain’t gonna happen. Broncos by three scores.


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