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Prediction, Boise State Vs. Nevada: Not Your Average Game

Fret For Brett

The question often arises, how long does a coach stick with a guy who obviously struggles and give the new kid a try? We’re not there yet.

Everybody wants this to be Brett Rypien’s year. It started that way but he struggles against tough opponents. A competitor improves with the caliber of talent.

Nobody wants Rypien to falter. However, Bronco fans want the team to succeed. This game will be his test.

Near Average

Saturday night against Nevada will mark the halfway point of the regular season. At best, Boise will enter the second half of the regular season, 4 and 2. That’s only a win above average.

Nevada is a team Boise State should not have a whole lot of problems with. However, if the Bronco offense doesn’t come to play the game may be closer than one might expect.

The Wolf Pack Offense

Nevada can score. However, they can be stopped. They managed only three points last week against Fresno State. That may be, in part, because backup Christian Solano started in the place of the injured Ty Gangi.

Gangi is not overly impressive but adequate. He’s tossed for 11 TDs and 6 INTs. He’s completed 108 out of 183 for 59 percent.
Toa Tua is a 5’8”205-pound bowling ball posing as a running back. He’s a freshman with good instincts and decent numbers. He has carried the ball 64 times for 433 yards. That is 6.8 yards per carry—not bad.

Kelton Moore comes in at 5’11’ and 240 pounds. Another bowling ball. This year he has 43 attempts for 198 yards. That is 4.6 per carry.
The Wolf Pack has two top-notch receivers. Kaleb Fossum is a 5’9” receiver who has grabbed 45 catches already this season. Behind him is another 5’9” receiver, McLane Mannex. Both of these guys can make it tough on the Broncos.

The Wolf Pack Defense

The Pack’s defense is best when stopping sweeps. Their front three are undersized but tough to score on inside the ten.
The secondary has it’s problems and yields plenty of yardage. They are most effective holding up the receivers but after that, they have trouble in coverage.

Thus, they like to blitz causing quarterbacks to rush throws or at least disrupt the rhythm.

Rust-Oleum; Guaranteed Not To Run

The Broncos have shown some kinks in their armor as of late.

For a few games, it could be reasoned the passing game was so overwhelming that the running game was just waiting to be heard from. So far—not a peep.

The running game no longer appears dormant. It appears dead. If there is any hope for the running game to unleash itself, it has to be this game.

Pride And Passion

Boise State has always been a team feeding off pride and adversity. Their passion for winning must return.

Boise will have to establish a passing game not dependent on one hand catches that make the highlight clips. They will have to run sharp short routes that sustain drives.

Peppered in between has to be short running bursts for six to eight yards. The type that keeps drives alive and the linebackers and d-backs honest.

Sure, that’s easy for me to say. Indeed, but with the athletes the Broncos have it is doable. More than that, it is expected.

Just Call Me Homer Lewis

I make no apologies for being a homer and calling for a Boise State win week after week. It is never out of question. They just have to put their hearts, heads, and muscle on the same field at the same date.

If this game is not a blow-out, the rest of my predictions will be somewhat more conservative. That said, the Broncos should win by at least four scores.


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Kenton lives in Boise. He is the former publisher of the Boise State sports site, Smurf Turf; writing exclusively about Broncos football and basketball. He is also a novelist and short story writer.

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