Prediction: Boise State Vs. San Diego

A Look At The Aztecs

San Diego State University comes to The Blue this Saturday afternoon with a 3 – 1 record. (I did say afternoon, didn’t I?) Their only loss occurred to ranked Stanford. They also have a win over the PAC 12’s Arizona State.

SDSU will be without their top offensive threats, quarterback Christian Chapman and running back Juwan Washington. Both are injured.

Rocky Long’s teams have seldom been heavily dependent on a quarterback. In addition, it always seems like their running game is more than adequate no matter who carries the ball.

Chase Jazmin has stepped into Washington’s shoes and filled them quite nicely. Thus far, rushing for 233 yards in 43 carries, 5.4 yards per attempt—slightly better than Washington’s 5.2 yards per attempt.

Their starting quarterback, Ryan Agnew has less than impressive numbers. He has completed 35 of 63 attempts. In that statistic are three TD passes and three interceptions.

SDSU run defense is stingy, allowing only 64.5 yards per game. On the other hand, their passing defense yields 273 yards per game.

Boise State should not relax for one moment. The Aztecs will still launch a formidable offensive attack.

When it comes to defense; defensive squads are fed initially by emotion. If that emotion lasts long enough it can demoralize the offense for the entire game.

A Look At The Good Guys

The Boise State offense averages about 20 points more per game (43.3 to 22.3). And the defense allows about the same (21.3 to 21.5)

There is little reason to expect Boise State quarterback Brett Rypien to perform any less impressive than he has in the past. Even if he should have a mediocre game his receivers are more than capable to elevate such a performance to exceptional.

The only concern will rest with the offensive line and the backs assigned to pick up blitzes. Guaranteed, they will be coming for Rypien.

Brett has completed over 70% of his passes (108 of 154). He also has 12 TD passes with no interceptions.
The running game has not really blossomed yet this season.

Last year Alexander Mattison was a thousand yard rusher. To do that this year something has to change.

And it has little to do with Mattison. He can’t gain yardage when the defense is in the backfield about the same time the ball is handed to him and a tackler shows up in the hole without a blocker popping his pads.

Defensively the Broncos are incredibly talented, balanced, and deep. Last year the Broncos owned them. Things will be pretty much the same.

Good teams play good enough to win. They don’t necessarily blow teams away week after week.

Every Season Is A 15-Round Fight

The Aztecs normally play the Broncos tough. Recall, they beat BSU two years in a row not so long ago. And, of course, one of them came on The Blue. That’s uncharacteristic.

There is little doubt the Broncos have the better team and should win—but by how much?

This season might be likened to a 15 round title fight. The champ comes out and destroys the challenger the first two rounds. In the third, the champ is knocked on his keister. He staggers back to his corner and comes out for the next round.

He hangs on for that round. He clears his head and finds his feet. He is able to win the rest of the rounds decisively.

Here comes round five. Ding!

The San Diego game is the full-recovery round.


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