QB competition in spring is a necessity for Boise State

Competition is a necessity.

Whether it’s within the workplace, against yourself, or on the gridiron, competition is healthy. While some may think that there is no quarterback competition to be had at Boise State, they have thought wrong.

Harsin has stated there will be competition in the spring between Brett Rypien, Ryan Finley and Thomas Stuart.

Imagine you are employed with a company, a company that has an opening for higher pay and authority. You are the only one within the company that will be allowed to apply for the position, can you really grow as a professional in that position if no one else is being considered? Sure, but maybe that doesn’t drive you to what you could be.

Iron sharpens iron as they say. That’s what competition brings out in us: the best version of you.

There’s a quote by Dr. Mike Murdock that I’ll use to illustrate why a quarterback competition in the spring is good for the Boise State football program.

“Your friends encourage you, your family humbles you, but only an enemy can promote you.”

Freshman quarterback Brett Rypien had an outstanding year as a freshman, but human nature tends to maybe take a a day off every now and then, because heck, you worked hard for the starting position, and you played well in that role.

It’s obvious that Rypien won the fans over this season, so where does the Spokane native go from here?

There has to be something to help drive the young quarterback on his toes and preparing himself for next season. There’s no better tool than competition.

When Ryan Finley went down against Idaho State, the keys were handed to Rypien. His first start was about as impressive as they come as he led the Broncos to a 56-14 victory, completing 24 of his 35 passes and throwing 3 touchdowns to 0 interceptions.

Throughout the 2015 season, you saw the Broncos run into adversity, specifically against triple option teams and Utah State. As the season rolled on, you saw now junior quarterback Ryan Finley tweet about his recovery from a broken ankle.

Finley coming back this season and not transferring is one of the biggest assets to have on the team this upcoming spring.

You can’t grow as a young starting quarterback in a comfortable atmosphere. The best thing for Bryan Harsin & Co. is placing Rypien in an uncomfortable atmosphere where he is entered in a QB competition with Finley and Stuart.

To mold Rypien, or either of these players, into the quarterback you want in the future, Harsin is doing the right thing, or as he says “Coaching 101.”

It’s what any major company would do. Perform, prepare, and work hard and let the chips fall wherever they may.

Dr. Murdock said it best, although it doesn’t particularly mention competition within his quote. The illustration is perfect as the quarterback competition enables Boise State’s quarterbacks to sharpen their skills, mentally and physically, in turn making each other better. Because hey, what are enemies competitors for?


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