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Teams I Hope Win and Score Prediction, Boise/UNLV

One For Two Last Week

Here’s a quote from last week’s article that was right.

Arizona State visits Cal this weekend. The Sun Devils beat 18th Michigan State a few weeks ago. Maybe they have another upset in their tank. Let’s hope so.”

Many were skeptical but AZ beat CA 24 to 17.

How ‘bout Penn State and Maryland? Here’s what was written.

Penn State ranked 12th goes to Maryland. Neither team is impressive. The Nittany Lions look good when playing cupcakes but when faced with competition anywhere close to them—not so good. Maryland walked all over ranked Syracuse and dropped a close one to Temple.

A Maryland win will drop Penn State a few spots. Thus in all likelihood move the Broncos up.”

Technically, that is not really a pick. Okay, I’m trying to squirm out of it; I’ll own it. Maryland is clearly in the cupcake column.

There was not unexpected help. All the favs won except for the Arizona State and Cal game.

An oddity occured in the polls this week. Two weeks ago UCF got pushed back to 22nd by virtue of losing to Pitt. Here’s the oddity, the following week UCF beat a team who can barely breathe (UConn) and they move up to 18th.

The Broncos stayed where they were; 16th in the AP and 15th in the Coaches.

Strategic Upsets

The Broncos return to action this week. A Bronco win and a strategic top 25 win or loss of another team can conceivably move them up a place or two.

Let’s get down to the real nitty-gritty

This week 18th UCF plays Cincinnati. The Bearcats are for real and no one to be trifled with. They completely decimated a team the Broncos had trouble with, Marshall (52-14). Bearcats over the Knights.

It is hard to believe I’m even hoping and picking this one. Mmmm—Michigan over Iowa. Only because Iowa is rated 14th and one position in front of Boise. However, if Iowa wins, I still dance.

West Virgenny over Texas? The Longhorns have been playing over their heads. The Mountaineers have yet to play a good game. It’s about time. I’m not calling for an upset but hoping for one.

Now I’m back on the bandwagon for Cal. Cal over the Quackers of Oregon. Cal always cracks under pressure. This is a no pressure game. The Quackers will be full of themselves at home. Cal to upset the Ducks.

That’s it, Cincinnati win, Iowa win, and Cal win. West Virginia over Texas, not so much, but it would put a smile on my face.

The Broncs Or Is It The Bronx?

The Broncos possess too much talent for UNLV challenge

The Bronco defense will dominate. Look for a little reversal in opponent’s scoring; UNLV will be shut out in the first half and likely not score until the fourth quarter.

Offensively, look for the Broncos to pass a lot. Run the ball enough to keep the UNLV honest. (Hmm, a reference to honesty and Las Vegas in the same sentence, what are the odds?)

If the Broncos blow some big holes early they may continue to run. However, I think the game plan is to pass.

Broncos in a substantial win. For the heck of it, I’ll make a call—49 to 7.

If in Vegas this weekend, play black 4, red 9, and red 7. When you return home with a pocket full of money, I’ll take my split.


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