Teams I Hope Win This Weekend

Last week, not so bad.

Boise is at 15th in the Coaches Poll and 16th in the AP. The AP will catch up.

So, here is how the week went.

The Unexpected.

USC beat Utah. I didn’t want USC to win because if they lose even two or three, everyone has such a love affair with them they may end up being ranked above a one or two-loss Boise.

Apparently love affairs are fleeting. Even though USC beat Utah, the Trojans are still ranked behind the Utes. Try flowers the next time.

However, I was not so surprised Utah dropped like a rock behind the Broncos to 19th.

The Expected

Auburn beat Texas A&M. No surprise there but that was one that helped Boise. The Aggies dropped to 23rd in the AP and out of the top 25 in the Coaches poll.

Upsets Called

This is where it gets magical.

Nobody expected Pitt to upset UCF except for… Well here’s a quote from last week’s article; “Pitt has one win and two losses. They lost only 17 – 10 to Penn State. Pitt always has an upset up their sleeve. So here’s to picking and hoping the Panthers beat UCF. That would be big!”

I didn’t tune in to the UCF/Pitt game until about five minutes remaining. You talk about a trick TD play for the win.

Panthers beat the Knights 35 to 34.

Tell me that’s not magical.

In addition, calling for a UCLA win over Washington State seemed out of reach. Here’s a quote from last weeks article; “Man! UCLA can’t be that bad and Washington State can’t be that good. It’s about time the Bruins wax their boards and ride a wave to victory.”

I went to bed at halftime thinking there was no way UCLA could come up with twenty or twenty-five points in the second half to beat Washington State. Well—they came up with fifty! Bruins over the Cougars 67 to 63.

Fifty points in the second half!!! At Boise’s rate, they won’t allow 50 points in the second half all year long!

Upsets Missed

In all fairness here’s the two I missed.

Quoting from last week. “Stanford couldn’t pull off the upset against UCF last week, However, this week they face 16th Oregon. This is a conference game. The Green Trees will be a more motivated team. Thus, Stanford over the Ducks. Put that in your soup and quackers.”

Well, the quackers won.

Another quote from last week. “Unranked and 3 and 0 Oklahoma State will be hosted by 12th ranked Texas. Texas is at 2 and 1. A cowboy win pushes them from the top 25.”

Longhorns won. What can I say, picking upsets is a tough business.

Now back to business; enough of the past. What about next week?

Winners and Upsets

Cal is at 15th. It just doesn’t sound right. Maybe if only 15 teams in a conference.

Arizona State visits Cal this weekend. The Sun Devils beat 18th Michigan State a few weeks ago. Maybe they have another upset in their tank. Let’s hope so.

An Arizona State win drops Cal and lifts Les Boise.

Penn State, ranked 12th, goes to Maryland. Neither team is impressive. The Nittany Lions look good when playing cupcakes but when faced with competition anywhere close to them—not so good. Maryland walked all over ranked Syracuse and dropped a close one to Temple.

A Maryland win will drop Penn State a few spots. Thus in all likelihood move the Broncos up.

Both of those games are Friday night. So we’ll know early.

That’s it. I’m pulling for Maryland and Zona State.

Am I Forgetting Someone?

What about Middle Tennessee over Iowa? Sure, I’ll take it if it comes. But it’s snowball’s chance in Dante’s Inferno.

How about 18th ranked Virginia over 10th Notre Dame? Virginia will move around Boise and Notre Dame will move up two (sarcasm). Actually, the Irish will not drop more than three or four.

Why not Mississippi State over 7th ranked Auburn?

That’s another I’ll take but it’s not going to help the Broncos this week. If Auburn loses they still remain ahead of Boise. I know that’s short-sighted because an Auburn loss later in the season may move the Broncos up.

I’ll say it again; Maryland and Zona State. The rest is gravy.

Teams play one week at a time and calling upsets are one week at a time


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