Teams I Hope Win This Weekend and Boise/Hawaii Prediction

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Let’s look at the games last weekend that helped the Broncos move up in the polls and spy ahead to this coming weekend.

Last week Cincinnati, Mmm-Michigan (hard to say), and Cal were predicted upsets. Two of three; Cincy and Michy won, Cal lost—two out of three.

Unexpectedly, Stanford won. They beat 15th Washington. That was a win hoped for but not predicted. It helped the Broncos.

They are 14th in the AP and Coaches Polls. The best in the AP polling since 2016 when they reached 13th during the season.

So let’s look ahead to this week. What possible upsets will help advance the Broncos a spot or two in the polls? And of course, if all goes well against Hawaii.

Colorado At Oregon

Friday night Oregon will host Colorado and I hope the Buffaloes win.

It’s tiresome picking the Quackers to lose every week and they end up winning. Oregon will win. It will not be much of a game. However, look for Oregon to drop at least two more games in the future.

That means, no help from that game.

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Oklahoma At Texas

Oklahoma ranked 6th travels to 11th ranked Texas.

Thus, a Sooner win will not be an upset. However, that will drop the Longhorns to 4 and 2. Perhaps, PERHAPS behind Boise State.

However, this can be added as a point of logic; if the Sooners do win as expected, why should Texas drop? 6th is supposed to beat 11th. And 11th shouldn’t be punished any further for losing to 6th. That changes, of course, if there is a real beat down. (If you follow the logic it is likely you either belong to Mensa or should apply.)

Trojans Vs. Fighting Irish

USC goes to South Bend to face off against Notre Dame.

Normally, I wouldn’t care about this game. On this occasion, I’ll be pulling for the Trojans.

Notre Dame is 4 and 1. Another loss and they drop to the high teens in the polling.

Iowa Hosts Penn State

Last week the Iowa loss to Michigan allowed Boise to move around the Hawkeyes in the polls. Great!!!

This week, two teams tough as a truck stop steak meet. Penn State to go home with an “L.” That might place the Broncos ahead of the Nittany Lions—might.

Go, Noles!

The Florida State and Clemson game holds a lot of interest. A Florida upset of Clemson has long and short term implications for Boise. The Broncos outlasted them in the opener.

Even if the Seminoles make it interesting it can help the Broncos down the road.

The Noles only two loses are against ranked schools.

Everything Said

After all of that, I’m calling only one upset—Iowa over Penn State.

The Broncos might pick up one spot with an Oklahoma win over Texas.

The other games remain within the possibility of an upset. There is just not a strong possibility. So, I’m not expecting any more than the Iowa/Michigan contest.

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Head coach Bryan Harsin said in a press conference Hawaii will be the Bronco’s strongest opponent this year. I disagree but he’s the coach and gets paid more. He has to say that to keep himself and his team on edge.

Hawaii is no slouch and the Broncos should not expect them to just show up. They will play brutal football.

It is hard to compare the two. One of the most important indicators is the strength of schedule. Hawaii is 69th and Boise 71st; not much daylight between the two.

If looking only at stats, they indicate fairly evenly matched teams. Hawaii having only one loss against Boise’s none.

The oddsmakers give the nod to Boise by 12.5.

Twenty points are about where I am. A ten-point swing one way or another would not surprise anyone either.

I’m going with a Boise win, 40 to 171/2. Don’t ask me how I arrived at that score. It has nothing to do with my waist and neck size. (Forty is really an odd number to score. (Five TDs with extra points, one field goal, and one safety.)


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