Teams I Hope Win (Week 10) And Boise/San Jose Prediction

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Last Week

Last week wasn’t expected to be a good week. Broncos were idle—just no excitement in the air. I really called some long shots. So I hope you didn’t lay down any money on my upset picks.

Last Thursday night I watched the SMU/Houston game on my tablet while watching Murder She Wrote on the big screen. Jessica Fletcher gets younger looking every year. Anyway, the Cougs came within converting a fourth down late in the game to possibly beating the Stangs. Final, SMU won 34 – 31.

Here’s a quote from last week about the Notre Dame/Michigan game, “This game has all the trappings of an upset…” Here’s the … after the word “upset,” “…but I don’t think so. A Notre Dame victory over Michigan helps the Broncos.”

I should not have written anything after the word “upset.” I allowed my contempt for Michigan to override my intuition.

Again, I was completely out thunk when Iowa handily beat Northwestern. Never trust a team that wears purple. Politically it’s indecisive.

Another purple team; the upset of TCU over Texas, which was completely unexpected, yet warmly received. That will help the Broncos.

So now let’s take a look at week 10 and assume the Broncos will take care of San Jose.

Mountaineers To Fall From The Mountain

There are two top 25 teams playing Thursday night; Baylor hosts West Virginia and Appalachian State, Georgia Southern. If both are upsets it would make my weekend before the weekend even starts.

Georgia Southern has three losses to Appalachian’s zero. However, two of Southern’s losses are to undefeated LSU and Minnesota. Appalachian has played only two teams with winning records.

This will be a nail-biter but in favor of the Eagles of Georgia Southern.

That means the 20th ranked Mountaineers will fall behind the Broncos.

C’mon Coach Pete

Give your old team a hand.

Washington hosts number 9 Utah.

I think the crowd will overwhelm the Utes. The Huskies will be looking for a win to save face for the year. They will upset Utah and the Utes will fall back to the mid-teens in the rankings.

Mustangs Must Lose

Last week I called for Houston to upset SMU. It didn’t happen.

SMU has a good team but they are in a place they are not used to being—ranked. It gets to you after a while and suddenly you crack.

Well, it’s time for them to crack. They travel to Memphis to play the 7 – 1 and 23rd ranked Tigers.

I know, a Memphis win may likely put them around Boise even if the Broncos win. I’m just calling this one the way I see it.

Lastly, The Ducks.

I keep calling for an upset and it doesn’t happen. They go to USC this weekend. USC will win big in front of the home crowd.

If the Ducks win I’m going to beat my head against the wall. Between now and then I’m going to look for some padding for my walls.

That’s it for the week; Georgia Southern, Washington, Memphis, and USC.

Broncos Back In Action

The Broncos go to San Jose State to face the Spartans. Normally by this time of the season San Jose has had a couple of embarrassing losses. They have been playing respectable and stand at 4 – 4.

The Broncos are coming from a heartbreaking loss to BYU in Provo. They’ve had a week off. Some say the week off is good others feel the players lose a little in their timing and aggressiveness. Like starting a car that has sat for two weeks.

A Word From My Mechanic

When your two main gears in the backfield are missing a cog or two, you might expect some slippage. I refer to starting quarterback Hank Bachmeier and running back Robert Mahone.

Bachmeier sat out the game against BYU and Mahone left in the first half and was in street clothes the second half. Bachmeier’s injury has been reported as a hip pointer. Mahone has been nursing an injured shoulder for who knows when.

Good teams and coaching figure a way around a missing cog in a gear; find a new gear, operate in other gears, or just put up with the slippage. Anyway, that’s what my mechanic says.

Finding The Missing Cogs

Don’t bother looking at depth charts to find out who is playing.

If Hank starts, hope he’s completely healed. If Chase Cord starts, he’ll do fine.

At running back, if Mahone plays I hope all the holes are large as the Lincoln Tunnel, the tackles are tender as a mother’s kiss, and the turf is soft as a Mike Lindell pillow.

It seems likely George Holani may start. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him rush for over 100 yards.

A few weeks ago some sounded a little disappointed the Broncos might go without a 1,000-yard season rusher this year. Holani has rushed for 463 so far this season with five regular-season games remaining. Averaging a smidgen over 107 yards a game would give him 1,000. Let’s add the conference title game and a bowl game and that comes out to the same smidgen under 78 yards per game—doable. But just win the games.

Picking The Score

San Jose gives up more rushing yards than BYU (talk about useless stats). Yeah, that stat flew out the window. However, they do give up yardage.

The Broncos have had more guys taking snaps from the center than Carter has little liver pills. (If you’ve heard that one before you probably voted for LBJ.) To me, that means the Broncos are taking some of the pressure of the QB and confusing the offense by not executing typical running plays. In other words, running in a different gear.

As a fan, I don’t worry. That’s Harsin and company’s job. He’s paid to worry, I’m paid to watch. (I really don’t get paid.) This should be a win by four TDs. I call it at 45 to 13—Broncos of course.


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