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Teams I Would Love To See Lose This Week And A Note About Marshall

Love Can Be Fleeting and Fickle

There are teams I love to see lose. Such as; Notre Dame, Michigan, all Florida teams, all California teams, and all teams who stand in the way of Boise State advancing in the polls.

There are others but those are at the top of my list.

It is important to make sure love is well placed. Why love someone or something whose affections or attentions will never be returned? So why love to see a team lose that can’t help Boise State advance in the rankings? That sounds shallow, transparent, selfish, and self-serving—I can live with that.

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Tricky Picks

Here’s a tricky one, Nevada/Oregon. If Oregon loses they will likely plummet from the polls. However, the pollster may move the Wolfpack around the Broncos. So I’m fine with an Oregon win; they can lose later. (By the way, look for Boise and Nevada to meet in the conference playoff.)

Here’s another tricky one, the Stanford/USC contest—two California teams full of themselves and from one of those states full of sunshine. This is much like the Nevada/Oregon game. A USC win over 23rd Stanford will move the Trojans ahead of Boise; even though Boise had a quality win over a good school on the road.

Wishin’ And Hopin’ List

First off, there is a real possibility of Maryland defeating 21st/22nd ranked Syracuse. Both played cupcakes in the first week; Syracuse beat Liberty and Maryland crushed Howard (that sounds like they played against only one guy). A Maryland win knocks the Orangemen out of the top 25. So let’s go turtles!

Next is Western Michigan at Michigan State. Sparty is at 19th/20th. They are my granddaughter’s fav. (She will never read this.) Those interstate games are big rivalries and strange things can happen. I look for an upset alert to flash across the bottom of my TV screen about 8:37 Saturday evening. That will drop the squad from East Lansing all the way to South Lansing.

Finally, Cal goes to 12th/14th ranked Washington. I really like Coach Pete but not as much as the Broncos. Except for friends and family, there is nothing about California teams I like—the same for Florida. I think it has to do with the sunshine. Anyway, Cal beating the Huskies would help. I’d smile but no happy dance.

A Couple Words About Marshall

Beat ‘em!

Last week Marshall beat VMI (Very Mild Institute) 56 – 17. Last year they were 9 and 4 with a bowl win over South Florida.

The Thundering Herd should not be taken lightly. They always field a competitive team.

They are hungry for a big-time win. Marshall head coach, Doc Holliday, says they have prepared all summer for Boise State. That’s how important this game is to them.

Boise State coaches should be emphasizing the Broncos were a Florida State bad snap away from losing and this week they have to prove themselves better than they were last week.

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