Teams I’d Love To See Lose This Weekend; Week 3

Last Week

Things worked out about the way expected last week.

Stanford knocked off USC, which was expected. The Trojans slipped behind Boise State.

Arizona State upset No.16 Michigan State. That was one of my possibles. Remember the buddy I told you about last week who is a Spartan fan? When he calls, I’ll feign disappointment and giggle when he hangs up.

The results of last week’s games allowed the Broncos to move up three positions to 17th in the AP and two in the Coach’s also at 17th. Interestingly Boise State moved around UCF.

What About This Week?

The strong teams (best ranked), for the most part, are still playing nonconference weaker teams. For example, No.2 Clemson will play Georgia Southern. No.3 Georgia will play Middle Tennessee.

Troy plays Nebraska this week. It’s always good to see a team BSU creamed, beat a big-time program.

San Diego State opposes No. 23 Arizona State. A quality win over a future opponent is always positive.

Upsets can occur anytime and welcomed. There are a couple more games that may help Boise.

TCU at No. 15 goes against No. 4 Ohio State. First of all, I never root against the Buckeyes. A TCU loss and BSU win move the Broncos around them. A TCU upset will push OSU down but unlikely behind Boise. Go, Bucks!

Number seven Auburn squares off against 12th ranked LSU. Thus, an expected Auburn win will move the Broncos up.

“Hey, Sweet Thing, Go To The Head of the Line.”

A Boise State win over Oklahoma State is like going to the head of the line at a Hollywood rave club. The guy at the door says, “You, you pretty. You go inside.”

The is the separation game. From this point on, there will be little argument as to where the Broncos figure in the national discussion.

This weekend no upsets are foreseen for schools ranked ahead of Boise. TCU and LSU will be expected to lose and that helps the Broncos.

Numerical logic alone will move the Broncos up two more slots in the rankings. However, a total domination of Oklahoma may elevate BSU a couple more and have ramifications in future polls.


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