Teams I’d Love To See Lose This Weekend

A good weekend for me is when Michigan and Notre Dame lose. I know that makes me a tremendously flawed and pathetic person. Who really wishes for the failure of others? Okay, be honest, so do you. So now I have an audience.

As a Bronco fan, I look at the teams that are ahead of the Broncos in the rankings. It is then determined which of those teams if they lose, will advance the Broncos in the rankings. That’s not so bad, is it?

It is important to note, some teams can lose and it effects the Broncos little. Alabama can lose and they’ll move down one. Notre Dame can be 0 – 9 and beat USC and crack the top 10. (Of course, I exaggerate.)

There are some teams ahead of Boise State who play this weekend that it’s beyond the realm of possibility they will lose. Number 16, TCU will not lose to SMU. One can hope but not likely. It is unlikely Division I FCS school Youngstown State will even be a match for #14 West Virginia.

I don’t think there’s a snowball’s chance of William and Mary challenging number 12 Virginia Tech. If TCU and VTech would lose there would be dancing in the streets—at least my street.

Teams On My Defeat Radar

First of all, an unranked Kansas State upset of number 18 Mississippi State would likely help the Broncos up the ranking’s ladder. So go Wildcats! (What’s that they say, you step on a lot of people up the ladder of success. See how smarmy this entire thought process is.)

Last week Appalachian State offered number 13 Penn State about all they could handle. The Nittany Lions eeked out a win. Penn State visits unranked Pittsburgh this week. Did Penn State’s near-loss against Appalachian State indicate a chink in their armor? I sure hope so.

USC at number 17 travels to number 10 Stanford. A Stanford win definitely helps the Broncos. I always root against USC.

Michigan State at 15th comes out west to be hosted by Arizona State. One of my best friends served time at Michigan State (that’s a joke) and I hate to root against them—but I will.

Then there are these schools who I have no feelings or emotions for, whatsoever. And they happen to be playing each other. Does New Mexico have a chance against 5th ranked Wisconsin? Likely not but even if the Badgers did lose, it would be unlikely they would slip too far out of the top 10. The same can be said for UCLA facing 6th ranked Oklahoma. The only thing I like about UCLA is that it’s far away and the only thing I like about Oklahoma is that’s where the sweetest aunt in the world lived and the state also spawned Will Rodgers who famously said, “A fool and his money are soon elected.”

Half the teams that play this weekend will lose. Is it asking too much for me to at least have a say in a few of them? That doesn’t make me a bad person, does it?

Who would you like see lose this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.


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