When should the Top 25 be released?

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If there’s one thing that many fans around this city do every Sunday besides watching the NFL?  It’s two little words that can explain it all: AP and Coaches. 

And for those same two words? They can make or break a fan’s day here as well. It also becomes the center of discussion at work or social media for the entire week.

Yes, it seems that most fans of Boise State have their eyes ALWAYS glued to the AP and Coaches’ Poll each week not only to see who’s the top of college football, but where are the Broncos placed. 

It has become seemingly a judgmental point to whether Boise State is having a successful season or not.

And why shouldn’t they? 

Boise State has become very familiar with being in these two Top 25 polls, so it’s almost shocking when the Broncos aren’t in it. Right now fans can breath easier with Boise State defeating Utah State last night, putting the Broncos 19th in the both AP and Coaches’ Poll.

But since the Broncos are back in both polls again the age old question does come to mind: “When should the Top 25 poll be released?”

For this question I turned to members of the BNN staff for their thoughts on this.  To quote a couple of them:

Steven Rodriguez: “Week six.  I need to see out of conference schedule played and some conference games before we know what teams are real.”

Matthew Douraghi: “Week four.  Teams find themselves at that point.”

Most of the other staff members were pretty much within the week four to six range.

From my perspective?  I’m with them.

Look, I’m all for being excited about seeing Boise State in the polls, asking why they aren’t ranked higher, why other teams are ranked ahead of them, and so on and so forth. But it really is too early to really gain an understanding as to what team should be ranked where.

Preseason polls are total garbage and I pay ZERO attention to them. They don’t tell anyone how good a team is. A good example? Notre Dame was preseason top 10 in most polls.  How’s that going for them right now? Throw USC and LSU into that mix too as well.

In this day of scheduling tougher and more difficult games, one bad game or two can cost a team a season or really put a damper in the eyes of fans alike. 

New coaches, players, schemes, game plans, and such really play into how teams approach games. Sometimes teams have bad match-ups against schools. Other times perhaps a team is missing a key star or two early in the season. 

The injury bug could strike earlier than what most want. And there’s always going to be confusion and butterflies in the stomach in the first few games of the season.

After about 6 weeks into the season is when we really start to see and understand who are the best teams in college football. And I’m for the preseason polls to be gone and the other two not to show up until mid-October.

So in the case of Boise State right now? 

That number in front of their name remains useless to me until a couple of more weeks. We’ve seen the out of conference play. 

Now that the Broncos have one MW win against Utah State and a short prep week to New Mexico on the horizon, we’ll start to understand and see how far the team has come and prepped for this season.

So how about it Bronco fans? I turn the question to you. When do you think the Top 25 should be released? I’m sure I’ll spark debate on social media with this one. And the staff and myself at BNN can’t wait to read answers…


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