Top 5 opponents we’d like to see Boise State play

Scheduling opponents can be difficult for athletic departments. It is even more difficult to schedule a quality opponent that your fans can get excited about. Boise State has had some good opponents in the past that have been must-see TV.

Oregon x2, Virginia Tech, Georgia. All worked out for the Broncos(We wont mention the first trip to Athens).

There are 128 schools in the Football Bowl Subdivision. But there are 5, and most likely more teams that would be dream matchups for Bronco Nation. We took a poll on our Facebook page to see who would be the Top 5 schools that Bronco Nation would like Boise State to play. Here are the results.

[list_item icon=”iconic-info”]5. Boise State vs UCLA – The Broncos and the Bruins played each other back in 1999 where UCLA put a beating on the Broncos, 38-7. We all know the Boise State football program today is much different then it was in the Big West days. Clinching a victory over UCLA would be another major accolade against a PAC 12 team. That almost seemed impossible 16 years ago, but could very well happen today.[/list_item]


[list_item icon=”iconic-info”]4. Boise State vs Ohio State – The two schools have never played. OSU head coach Urban Meyer is the hottest commodity in college football right now. Meyer has been a supporter of the Non-Power schools and particularly Boise State throughout the years. With mutual respect from both sides, it would make for a great showdown in the Horseshoe and The Blue.[/list_item]


[list_item icon=”iconic-info”]3. Boise State vs USC – This game would bring much intrigue, not just for the fact it’s against a PAC 12 opponent, but a majority(40) of the Bronco football players come from the state of California, and many are from the Los Angeles area. A true test between some of West Coast powers.[/list_item]


[list_item icon=”iconic-info”]2. Boise State vs Notre Dame – There are very few blue-bloods in college football. One of them is Notre Dame. A program with a tremendous amount of history and tradition. Imagine Boise State, a program on the rise playing against what is known as the most prestigious program in college football history. Not only that, former offensive coordinator Mike Sanford is now the OC for the Irish, to add even more to the story line.[/list_item]


[list_item icon=”iconic-info”]1. Boise State vs Alabama – Are you shocked by this one? Probably not, it’s what most Boise State fans want. And most likely the rest of America would love this matchup. ‘Bama coach Nick Saban took a shot at Boise State’s worthiness as a BCS title contender in 2010, and it rubbed many Bronco fans the wrong way. SEC fan bases rave about their conference and even that the bottom tier of their conference would beat the Broncos on any Saturday. It’s the classic David vs Goliath story that everyone wants to see. You want a box office matchup? Boise State vs ‘Bama would be a spectacle you could not miss.[/list_item]


Who would you like to see Boise State to play? Let us know in our comment section below.

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