Tuesday Morning Quarterbacking; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good

There is little room for criticism after a 56 to 20 shellacking of a decent football team on their turf. The score and the ease at which Boise State beat Troy was a surprise to many.

Fans seldom like to see their team take the foot off the gas but pragmatically it’s the right thing to do. That’s what seemed to happen in the second half. Although, some might argue injuries are most likely to occur when players are relaxed and not mentally focused.

Quarterback Brett Rypien was near flawless, completing 20 of 28 attempts. He passed for 305 yards and 4 TD passes. The ball was spread to 8 different receivers. He tossed some incredibly accurate balls.

Rypien played a perfect first half. In the second half, he threw short on a couple long tosses. Thus, causing some to speculate he wasn’t as sharp. However, if those two short tosses came in the first half they would have blended into the rest of his performance and no one would have noted.

The offensive line gave Rypien Secret Service quality protection. He got clocked a couple times right after he let the ball go, but those were on late developing and delayed blitzes.

On paper, the running game never really got on track. It simply did not have to. If the passing game is working why risk an injury to a running back when it’s not needed?

If an example is needed of what a running game could have looked like, take a gander at backup quarterback, Chase Cord’s, 44 yard TD run. The blocking was just the way it’s drawn on the chalkboard.

Video Screengrab

And by the way, welcome, Mr. Cord!

As the season progresses Alexander Mattison will have his great games. Robert Mahone looked as if he’s a man who wants more snaps.

Sean Modster had a monster day; 7 catches, 167 yards, and 2 TDs. There were a couple games last year when Modester looked as if couldn’t catch a cold in a room full of first-graders. Then there were times it looked as if a laser-guided missile had locked-in on him. He looked all-conference this past Saturday.

Before the season started the Broncos were already boasting they had one of their best squads of returning starters. Anytime the defense scores two TDs in a game, that’s incredible. But when it’s done by the same player, Tyler Horton, it’s about time to invest in that off-shore drilling project your brother-in-law has been telling you about.

DeAndre Pierce seemed to be every place the ball was; before the ball got there. He had 7 solo tackles and some of them were like throwing a knife in the mud—he stuck ‘em.

Although Sonatane Lui had to move through, over, and around guys bigger than him all day, he seemed to be in the face of whoever had the ball. Fans should start singing “Louie Lou-i-ay, oh baby, way to go.”

The Bad

We hope the injury to Avery Williams is just superficial. He left the game holding his arm. He has added considerable excitement to the return game for the Broncos.

Early in the game, it appeared Williams tried to force something on punt returns; making something happen when nothing was really there. However, later in the game, he took a knee when fielding a couple of punts; smart and unselfish.

The Ugly

My only criticisms; one bad punt, a missed field goal attempt, the content of the commercials, and where the Broncos will be placed in the polls this week.


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