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Upsets and Teams I Hope Lose

That Was The Week That Was

Last week was so-so.

First off, Arizona upset Oregon. That one was predicted. Thus, made my week. A Duck loss is like Dairy Queen blizzard.

Next, Georgia Southern took care of 25th-ranked Appalachian State. That’s two.

And then, Northwestern knocked number-20 Wisconsin out of the top 25. That’s three.

Here comes number four: Houston beat 21st South Florida. (Sounds to me like I’m cheating.)

Washington State beat Stanford. That was called but it wasn’t an upset. However, many assumed the Cards might win because they are so smart and smug.
I called for Iowa to upset Penn State in Happy Valley. The Nittany Lions won by six. If the game had been played at Iowa I’d be dancing in the street.

Kentucky scored a TD with time running out to defeat Mizzou 15-14. I almost got that one.

This Week’s Picks

Amazingly, Fresno and Utah State jumped from nowhere into the top-25. I hope they keep winning and when they meet the Broncos, they are met with defeat.

Pitt beat Syracuse and lost by only five to Notre Dame. Even though Pitt will be playing at Virginia, the Cavaliers will disappoint their hometown fans. Pitt, an upset win.

Iowa will play Purdue in West Lafayette. That’s where the Boilermakers took it to the Buckeyes two weeks ago. This week they will take it to the Hawkeyes.

Sometimes you (I) just can’t help yourself (myself). I’m going against Harbaugh and Michigan—again! Penn State beats ‘em in the Big House. I’ll be dancing in the street.

SMU took Cincinnati into overtime but lost last week. They played great. I’m not going to call this one an upset but it wouldn’t surprise me if SMU beat Houston.

Third-ranked Notre Dame visits Northwestern. The Wildcats are on a high after knocking off an overrated Wisconsin team. I think they give the Fighting Irish a bloody nose.

Here’s the big one: LSU beats ‘Bama. ‘Bama had a week off to think about how great they are. Nick Saban had a week to tell them how incredibly lucky they are to be 8-0. What we have here is a terribly emotionally conflicted football team.

Finally, keep an eye on UCF. They are about to tumble. If not this week, soon. This week they play Temple.


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