Upsets and Teams I Hope Lose

After a couple weeks of predicting upsets, I’m returning to “Teams I hope Will Lose,” along with upsets. This is all assuming the Broncos take care of Air Force and record their sixth win against two losses.

Thus, the schools on the bottom rung of the Top 25 will be my target.

That Was The Week That Was

Last week’s predictions had more to do with the heart than the head. Only one out of four was called.
Michigan State did not upset Michigan. I can’t help myself; I want Michigan to lose all the time.

Bama bested Tennessee. At this point, I’m almost certain Bama could go on a week-long bender and still beat anybody.

Penn State eked out a five-point win over the Hoosiers. Hoosiers couldn’t do it.

However, ‘em Ducks did not disappoint me. They laid down to Washington State. Life is good.

I looked real hard at the Cincinnati/Temple game. I like Luke Fickle and just could not bring myself to call for an upset. That said, they will face UCF in a few weeks. I’m calling that one right now. Bearcats to upset.

This Week’s Picks

This week there are so many possibilities for upsets within the Top 25 it’s hard to settle on just a few. However, as mentioned, the focus is not so much on upsets as it is the teams I hope will lose.

First off, Arizona beats Oregon for no other reason than it’s Oregon. Beyond that, an Oregon loss will give them their third and whisk them the top 25.

Secondly, a Washington State win over Stanford gives the Cardinals a third loss and on the outside looking in on the top 25.

Next, Appalachian State sitting at number 25 plays Georgia Southern. The Mountaineers are as high as they will be this year—hope they lose.

And then there is Wisconsin at number 20 with a 5-2 record. They travel to Northwestern at 4-3. The Badgers started with great expectations this year. I’m picking a Northwestern upset.

Iowa ranked 18th visits the folks at Happy Valley. Penn State is at 17th. The Hawkeyes will hand Penn State their third loss in front of the Unhappy Valley crowd.

Unranked Houston hosts 21st ranked South Florida. Houston has played football teams and South Florida has played pancakes and not particularly well. Houston wins.

Finally, Kentucky travels to Mizzou. Two of the Tigers losses have been to Georgia and Alabama. Kentucky’s only loss came to unranked Texas A&M. Mizzou upsets Kentuck.

That’s a lot of stuff for this weekend and Alabama ain’t even playin’.


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