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Waiting For The Next Recruit, Is Like…

Waiting for the next recruit to commit is like living below a drunk who comes home late. He falls on the bed and removes one shoe—kerplunk! And you lay awake waiting for the next shoe to drop.

It is less than two months before the deadline for early signing period. It is December 19. The Broncos have only five commits. That is far less than in previous years at this time.

What this means is anyone’s guess. Bronco fans can only hope for an avalanche of good talent.

So Far

Here is what the Broncos have so far. It’s an impressive collection.

What is interesting, according to 247 Recruiting, of the top 10 all-time Boise State recruits, at this point, three of them are in the class of 2019. That indicates a significant uptick in recruiting talent coming to The Blue.

What is even more interesting, of that top ten, if all goes as projected, five of the top ten will be on the same squad come next season.

Who Is On The Radar?

It’s hard to say. Often these things are kept pretty close to the vest. Not only by the programs but the recruits as well.

Here are some bleeps:
Khyheem Waleed has expressed more than a passing interest in being a Bronco. He also has an interest in several P5 schools. However, Boise has fewer wide receivers than the other programs. This may be an attractive incentive to commit to Boise; seeing playing time early in his career.

Donovan West is a 6’3” 290-pound offensive tackle from Mission Hills, California. Also, he holds a boatload of offers from P5 conference programs. He visited The Blue October 6.

Dylan Hill comes in as a 6’6”230-pound defensive end from Antelope Valley, California. He visited Boise on September 8. He has almost enough offers to make up a deck of cards. All the aces are Boise State.

At 6’5” 245 pounds, Isaiah Bagnah is another defensive end Boise has offered a scholarship to. He will be visiting Boise on November 2. Boise, by far, is the only school with a football pedigree who has extended an offer the Isaiah. A real program wants you, Isaiah.

Boise also has a good chance of attracting J. L. Skinner, a 6’3” 185 athlete from San Diego. He visited Boise on September 10. Skinner is a real lightning rod. And like Waleed has a real good chance to make an immediate impact.


There is one thing certain, the names that will drop in will likely be surprises. Some will be recruits we’ve likely never heard about. They are guys who have long-standing relationships with coaches and other players.

Recruits want to play for a winning program and want to play with players who are proven winners. A good recruit may drag a couple more good players with him.

Players and recruits do a lot of recruiting. Those who haven’t committed yet or their commitment is not yet secure, are savvy. They will see where the players they like and respect go. Hank Bachmeir, through Twitter, has already started his role as a leader by contacting other recruits and prospects.

So Bronco fans hope the drunk upstairs brings all his buddies home with him. We want those shoe drops to sound like a Fourth of July fireworks show.

After December 19, we can all get some sleep.


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