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Week 11 Upsets and The Boise/Wyoming Prediction

Recall last week Georgia Southern, Washington, Memphis, and USC were picked as upset winners. Well, Georgia Southern and Memphis pulled through.

Neither helped the Broncos in the polls. They remained 21st. As expected, the Memphis win over SMU allowed the Tigers to leapfrog the Broncos. SMU fell behind.

Washington came close to upsetting Utah. Washington’s QB Jacob Eason tossed a pick-six late in the game. That sparked Utah.

Weezyana at Bama

Before going into the picking the upsets that will benefit the Broncos, for a moment cast eyes upon the Alabama/LSU game; number 1 versus number 2. Tuscaloosa will be rocking this weekend.

They are both undefeated. LSU has beat three ranked teams this year and Bama 1. However, LSU came within a blade of AstroTurf of losing to Auburn.

The game is on Bama’s home turf. They may be playing with a hobbled starting QB, Tua Tagovailoa. LSU will be playing with perhaps the best throwing QB in the nation, Joe Burrow.

These games are hard to call and as much as it pains me, I pick Alabama to win. Likely, LSU stays in the top four.


There is a real good chance of TCU upsetting 11th ranked Baylor. If that happens, it is not enough to help the Broncos at this point but may have implications down the road.

TCU has played erratically this season. If they play erratic on the good side they win. Look for TCU to upset Baylor.

Kansas State/Texas

Number 20 Kansas State goes to unranked Texas.

Texas is a good team. Two of the Longhorn’s three losses have been to ranked teams; Oklahoma and LSU. They lost also to TCU. (See what I mean about TCU—erratic.)

The Longhorns play at home and beat the Wildcats. Thus they fall from the top 25.


Iowa will face off against Wisconsin. Both are two-loss teams and ranked 18th and 16th.

No matter how this game goes it helps the Broncos. Thus, that absolves me of picking an upset.

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Notre Dame/Duke

Notre Dame nearly lost to Virginia Tech before the South Bend faithful. After the beat-down by Michigan a couple of weeks ago the Irish have little hope of any national recognition. That’s all they play for.

This week Our Lady of South Bend visits Dukes of Durham. Duke to upset 15th Notre Dame.

Wake Forest/V-Tech

The Hokies nearly pulled off an upset over Notre Dame at South Bend last week. This week they are at home against number 19 Wake Forest.

Wake is way over their heads. Hokies are about where they should be. Demon Deacons are to lose their second game.

Here’s my winners; Bama (not really an upset), TCU, Texas, Wisconsin (not really an upset), Duke, and V-Tech.

Let’s Talk Broncos

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that before the season started there was no expectation on my part of Boise State going undefeated. When BYU started a third-stringer at QB I thought otherwise. We all know what happened and history need not bear repeating.

Never Play Cards With A Cowboy

Wyoming was another concern. The Cowboys run hard and pass little. They play for nothing more than a conference title. They are holding their cards close to the vest for this game. Likely they have a card up their sleeve, under the table and they’ll deal from the bottom.

This is not to say they have a good passing game in hiding. I’m just saying I look for them to open up their playbook on the Broncos. In fact, their running quarterback is injured and they will be starting their passing QB.

Bronco d-backs can’t be caught leaning toward the line of scrimmage.

Putting On The Blitz

Defensively, the Cowboys will blitz.

I’ve always been a proponent of slants or smash routes to take the wind out of blitzing defenses.

A couple of weeks ago Houston scored on two long plays on nothing more than smash routes with the ball traveling maybe 15 yards. Linebackers could only turn and watch the bottoms of a receiver’s cleats fade into the distance.

Another remedy to the blitz is to use running plays that get the running backs quickly to the edges.

Prediction: Broncos 35 and those other guys 17.


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