What Was Harsin’s Challenge To The Offensive Line?

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Not Even Hearsay

During a press conference last week, Boise State head coach Bryan Harsin mentioned a challenge he gave to the offensive line. When asked what it was he said he wouldn’t comment on it. What was that challenge?

First of all, I have no insider information, there is no mole inside the program, nor a confidential source. Also, there isn’t even any second-hand or hearsay testimony to rely upon.

I have only my own theory.

Let’s Go Back

Coach Harsin let it be known how he felt about those who take to the Twittersphere and criticize the Broncos. As he stated, “you used to have to actually be somebody to have an opinion.” He called them “twitiots.” An apt and succinct description.

A lot of criticism has been unfairly levied against the offensive line. A comparison reveals the average yards per attempt is near the same as the seasons the Broncos were considered good running teams.

Without knowing what the “challenge” is, such a challenge reverberates beyond the offensive line. It, thus, becomes a challenge to the guys who carry the ball also. Sometimes a runner takes the wrong lane or does not follow the blocks. It is not usually just one factor.

Interestingly, Harsin shouldered some of the blame himself for not preparing or calling plays creating opportunities for a better running game.

What Was The Challenge?

It is every lineman’s dream to carry the pigskin across the goal. They do all the blocking and someone else receives all the glory.

I think Harsin told his front five if you do a good job we’ll call a play for an offensive lineman to score.

Thus, Ezra Cleveland grabbed a hand-off and rumbled toward the pilon. That run stopped a yard short of a TD.

I think that was the challenge.

Look for a tackle eligible for a TD pass this week or a lineman to line up in the backfield on a short and goal.


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