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Who did it better? Kellen Moore or Brett Rypien?

Last night Bronco Nation got their moneys worth.

They saw their team clicking on all cylinders in every aspect of the game. While Boise State dismantled Hawaii 55-0, there were almost too may highlights to choose from. It was a heck of a performance by the home team.

With the Broncos in full control in the second quarter, Boise State went back to a popular play from the past. Offensive coordinator Eliah Drinkwitz called a fake fumble play that was reminiscent of what the Broncos ran against the Oregon Ducks in 2008.

Kellen Moore, a redshirt freshman at the time faked as if the ball was fumbled then stood up and threw the ball over the top of the Oregon defense for a first down.

Fast forward 7 years, Boise State is in a similar situation. Freshman quarterback Brett Rypien did the exact sample play, but with a little different result with Holden Huff catching a touchdown pass.

The Case For Moore: Boise State had only a handful of wins over BCS opponents either at home or a neutral site. The Broncos were looking for their first win against a BCS opponent in their home stadium. This was a gutsy play against a ranked Oregon team. Boise State came out victorious, 37-32.

The Case For Rypien: Most people expected Rypien to redshirt this season, but once Ryan Finley went down with an injury the highly recruited quarterback out of Spokane, Washington got his first shot against Idaho State. The following week, he faced ACC opponent Virginia and dissected their secondary. Boise State fans have been longing for an old school whooping on a conference foe, and they got it in their game against Hawaii. Rypien ran this play to perfection, as did Moore, but scored a touchdown on the play. His second career start as a Bronco.

Take our poll below to see who pulled off the fake fumble better.

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