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Who Will Start On The Offensive Line?

Where Have All The O-Linemen Gone?

For the offensive lineman on the Boise State depth chart, there is plenty of opportunities.

The Broncos lost three seniors to graduation; John Molchon, Garret Larson, and Eric Quevedo. The only returning starter will be John Ojukwu. Offensive lineman Ezra Cleveland is no more—he declared available for the NFL draft.

It’s Not The Cards, It’s How They Are Played

Finding five players to work in unison who can act as either an impenetrable wall or brigade of unstoppable M1 Tanks able to open holes in an enemy’s entrenched position is essential. In addition, they must be kept healthy.

O-lines success depends on strength, conditioning, intelligence, grit, and orchestration. Things they have until September 5th to perfect.

It is impossible to figure who will start and where others will fall into line on the depth chart. In fact, only the coaches have a vague idea. So if anyone produces a starting o-line before the season opener, pulling names from a hat may be just as informed.

Here is an uninformed depth chart. It’s based on a lot of mumble jumble, reading tea leaves, darts, and a combination of playing time and years spent in the Bronco program.


Left Tackle; John Ojukwu, RS/Jr.

Left Guard; Jake Stetz, RS/Sr.

Center; Kekaniokoa Holomalia-Gondzalez, RS/ So.

Right Guard; Donte Harrington; RS/ Sr.

Right Tackle; Nick Crabtree; RS/ Sr.

In addition, there are a total of five O-lineman added to the roster. Two are transfers. How they figure into the mix, who knows?

Hard Work Or Experience?

There are so many fluid factors that go into determining who will start, it is near impossible to predict with any degree of certainty. 

Coaches have to determine who are the best five or six guys who work together. Also, the ones who will be able to perform effectively on his own when another lineman misses an assignment or things break down.

Blocking is the most essential part of the offense. It could be argued it is the only part of the offense.

Looking at the success and experience each offensive lineman has contributed thus far it is difficult to say they are inexperienced. The best way to overcome a lack of experience is hard work.  

Any pundit who presents the argument Boise has an untested and inexperienced line is looking for excuses. Three of the five above linemen have been in the Bronco system for five years. That’s a veteran line. That said, the Broncos will field an offensive line that will rival and exceed any in the Mountain West.


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