You Need Moore Experience

For some college graduates, finding a career is a long and daunting process. Filling out application after application, waiting weeks and sometimes months, only to receive an email stating that the level of experience you have is minimal and that the company is no longer interested in pursuing you. 

You do what you have to do and take an entry-level position, there’s nothing wrong with that but it’s hard envisioning yourself moving up the ladder within the company. You can only see what’s in front of you and the future seems bleak. 

Soon the clouds part and sunshine starts to creep in, a position you want just opened within the company you work for. You know you’ve worked hard, not taken any days off, done your time as they say. 

You go through the interview process, you feel great about it. Only to then be bombarded by the lack of experience you have, and that is what is keeping you from moving up.

That’s Kellen Moore.

In a recent Mailbag, a fan asked the question: “Why isn’t Kellen Moore given any consideration in discussions to replace Weeden?  The QB position isn’t always about the measurable factors.  It is about leadership.

David Helman of said,

“I don’t think the coaching staff feels comfortable trusting the fate of their season to a kid with zero NFL experience – simple as that.”

That’s exactly it. You pay your dues, you sit in the meetings, you lead by example and you’re a smart guy when it comes to the X’s and O’s. You have great potential, but the guys in charge do not want to give you the experience that they themselves are demanding from you; so your spot gets taken…again.

The frustrating issue that Kellen faces, is what many people face in the work force. There’s no opportunity to climb the ladder. Kellen can’t grow into a experienced NFL quarterback until he is given the chance. Sooner or later it will be time for him to find a new gig, whether it’s leaving football or leaving for a different team. 

So a recommendation for people in position to hire, give those inexperienced a shot at becoming experienced. You may find a diamond in the rough.


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